• False Entitlement

    Our constitution recognizes and guarantees a number of basic human rights. We are entitled to our opinions, and we have the right to speak, gather, and worship as we please. We get those for free, don’t we? In the original Starcraft game series there was a cheat code, “something for...

  • Testing Backbone.js


  • Open Source Constitution

    Hi I’m Jason Dobry. And is my blog.

  • Restructuring the corporate model

    The current corporate model is bloated and mired in complexity. Bureaucracy in the tech world fosters stagnation and contributes to a high employee turnover rate. Even hefty paychecks cannot compensate for suffocating management and boring products. Software developers are born problem solvers and are not motivated solely by monetary reward....

  • One Voice

    Do you know who governs the Internet? What does the law say about digital privacy? Who decides what one can and can’t do online? Cliff Stoll posed similar questions in a personal account of his lengthy and dramatic encounter with a hacker in a book titled The Cuckoo’s Egg. Cliff...

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