• Building large apps with Angular.js

    This post came out of my presentation at a UtahJS meetup. You can even go see my slides.

  • Power up $http with caching

    Intro LRU Cache Setting a default cache Advanced Caching

  • Designing for Testability

    My talk given at UtahJSConf 2013

  • i18n.js vs

    Internationalization is a big deal these days, but implementing it is still a pain sometimes. With the rise in popularity of JavaScript-heavy applications using tools like Require.js, Backbone.js, Handlebars.js, etc., one naturally seeks a solution to the internationalization problem that fits into the paradigms of these tools. I kept a...

  • Maven and r.js optimization

    Using Maven to manage a large project has it’s advantages, until you need to do something that doesn’t fit into the Maven’s defined context. Tools based on composability provide components that can be combined in various ways to accomplish needed tasks. Maven—a contextual tool—provides a lot of functionality out of...

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