As a web developer and full-time computer science major, I spend a great deal of time on the computer, and consequently, on the Internet. At home and at school, I frequently check up on my friends and family members through social media. At work I often communicate with individuals located all over the country. I try to minimize the gap between who I am online and who I am face-to-face. I strive to make my personality apparent wherever I appear on the Internet.

While reading blogs and forums, I am continually surprised at the things people have the gall to say online, but which I am sure they would not say face-to-face. Civility seems to disappear with the anonymity of the Internet, and living a double life is an easy way to forget who you really are.

Don’t be ashamed to show your individuality or let people know who you are. I appreciate the example of members of my church in refusing to sell themselves short in the online community. They are who they are and their online activity reflects that. We all prosper when we are honest with each other, so don’t sell yourself short; Own who you are.